About Me

Jason Konek



I am an epistemologist, formal epistemologist and decision theorist. In May 2013, I will take up a postdoc at the University of Bristol as part of Richard Pettigrew’s Epistemic Utility Theory project.

Department of Philosophy

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

435 South State St

Ann Arbor, MI 48109



The 2013 Bristol summer school provides an introduction to epistemic utility theory. Epistemic utility theory is a promising, new framework for furnishing alethic justifications of epistemic norms, e.g., Probabilism, Conditionalization, and the Principal Principle. Despite the framework’s many successes, there are various fundamental questions that epistemic utility theorists must yet address. What is the best way or ways to model the doxastic states that epistemic norms govern? What is the appropriate methodology for determining which of these models are best? This summer school aims to introduce students to issues surrounding these foundational questions, to highlight important strides made in the last 100 years toward answering them, and to provide a sense of the direction of future research. Apply here.


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